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Let’s be honest, wedding planning can be entirely overwhelming! I know when I was getting married, I didn’t know where to start, and one of my favorite things was an old fashioned, hand written checklist! In our wedding welcome magazine we have a checklist of everything you should have for us the morning of your wedding!

One of the things on this list that is often forgotten or overlooked are your invites! Many times our brides send us one in the mail (and we LOVE getting them!). On your wedding day, we want to photograph an invite that is untouched and perfect! Sometimes going through the mail, little dents or folds appear from the sorting machines, so it is always a great idea to order a few extra invites.  You can keep one as a keepsake (and maybe even make an ornament!), as well have a spare one for us to photograph the morning of your wedding!

This is one of the things that started the entire wedding process “officially” and its the one thing every single one of your guests have seen. Often times our brides have some custom element to their invites that they love! So why not photograph it?!

For our wedding, I did a lot of DIY-ing and since my husband is a chemist, we created our own “element” and ran that through little parts of our entire wedding day. I loved that we could incorporate a little bit of our nerdy selves into an otherwise elegant and extremely FUN day, and that we had each of those nerdy aspects photographed.

You might be thinking, well we didn’t really have much that was particularly custom. Let me remind you, this is your one and ONLY wedding day marrying the love of your life and in my opinion, everything deserves to be documented :)


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