Your wedding day coverage is so much more than just photography, it is truly an experience.


i view my job as much more

than just taking photos.


I am there to provide a great experience and make sure you have the best images to capture the true spirit of your wedding day. Your wedding photos are the one part of your wedding day that should stand the test of time and preserve the joy and excitement surrounding your wedding day.


As I take on a very limited number of weddings each year, I'm excited to be able to offer the same wedding photography experience with our personally trained and hand-selected team! Everything you'll learn about your experience with me, is also the same experience you'll receive with the team.


From the first initial email to the hug goodbye at the end of the reception, it is our goal to provide a fun and memorable experience in addition to timeless and prismatic images. Your wedding day coverage is so much more than just photography,


it is truly an experience.

We view our job as much more than just taking photos. We are there to provide a great experience and make sure you have the best images to capture the true spirit of your wedding day.


On your wedding day we take a more journalistic approach, only intervening when necessary. When we do pose you, our goal is for you to look natural and like the best version of yourselves. We shoot the majority of your day with available light until your reception where we add additional light so your entire gallery reflects our light and bright style!


We always refer to ourselves as an honorary bridesmaids and within that, we truly mean that we are there to support you! We've been know to bustle dresses, tie sashes, pin boutonnieres, and fix flyaway hairs. Ultimately, we're on your team and we want you to reap the benefits!!


I'm not biased or anything… but I believe that photography is one of the most important parts of your wedding day. I am with you nearly your entire day and I want to make sure I am always adding to your wedding day experience! I hope to provide you with excellent service, classic photos and a wonderful wedding. At the end of the day I strive to


create beautiful art

for your home and beautiful


for your family.


With these priorities, I have structured each of the collections to include the most necessary of items. These necessities include: an engagement session, 8 hours of coverage by me (Brittani!), an online gallery, and your edited digital files with a print release. Additionally I offer custom designed albums as well as a variety of wall art! You can also choose collections with a second photographer, a wedding album and extra coverage hours.




In every wedding collection I include a complimentary engagement session. The engagement session is one of my favorite parts of the wedding experience because it gives you both a chance to be in front of the camera before you get married. The biggest benefit is not just that you get adorable photos for your walls, it is that you get to learn how I operate and what to expect on your wedding day, which helps to eliminate stress. Anything that eliminates your stress is perfect in my book!


Having an engagement session is going to make your wedding day experience feel so smooth, seamless and comfortable. Not only that, but there is only a short period of time that you get to be each other's fiancés!


You’re going to be married for over fifty years, but

you only get to be engaged for this short period of time,

and I am so excited to document it.




I believe that photos are meant to be shared and shown! After your wedding and engagement you'll receive an online gallery where you can digitally download your images, order prints and wall art, and share with friends and family! Included in each of our collections is a print release so that you have the choice of where to order prints.



To relive your wedding day by flipping through the pages that tell the story of your wedding day is such a beautiful thing. We offer an album as an add on to our base collection and you can order prints and canvases through your gallery at any time to get those photos off the screen and onto your walls!

Hear about the experience




Yes and yes! I may go a little overboard on the backup equipment because there is NO WAY I’m risking anything!! Proof of insurance can be provided to your venue if requested.

Yes and no. The last thing I want to be doing on your wedding day is be distracted by checking things off a list when I could be capturing the unique moments of your wedding day. Be assured, I will perfectly capture your first kiss, your special dances and your wedding party! I send out a questionnaire before your wedding to get all of your specific details from you, like what family portrait combinations you’d like or any special moments or items I don’t know about.

Most definitely! We include 50 miles of travel in each of our collections and any travel cost further than that is determined on a case by case basis. Our clients have taken us all over the East Coast. Contact me for more details!


No, we do not give out raw files for any purposes. The file type that we shoot is unable to be recognized or read without the proper software. The images that are ultimately selected must meet certain technical and emotional standards and the remaining items are not archived.

We offer collections with and without an album! There are a variety of different sized leather or cloth bound lay flat albums as an add on to our base collection. These albums are the perfect heirloom to tell the story of your wedding day and are just so beautifully crafted. There is a discount on albums at the time of booking.

This can vary depending on the total hours of coverage and type of wedding. For an average 8 hour wedding, you can expect around 900 images, if not more! I do not cap the amount of images you can receive.

Yes! All of my wedding and portrait collections include your edited digital images. As for prints I include a print release within your gallery that enables you to print on your own. However if you want top quality prints that are sent to a professional print lab, you can also order print directly through your gallery.

If I have the pleasure of photographing your wedding, I send previews the week following your wedding so you have images to share!! Within 8 weeks of your wedding day I will send over an online gallery where you can download your photos. You can share the gallery with friends and family so they can download images too while the gallery is up! You can expect your engagement photos within 3-4 weeks of your session!


Doing a first look is 100% a personal preference. I’ve found that if you choose to do a first look, you get 90% of the portraits done before your ceremony, so by the time you’re actually getting married you can focus on other things. Not to mention, you get to attend cocktail hour! However, I am completely supportive if you want to keep it more traditional and have quite a few tips and tricks to make your day flow seamlessly either way!

Honestly, it’s up to you! I offer collections both with and without a second shooter, and would say about 80% of my couples choose to have a second shooter. Having a second shooter helps to fill out your coverage by offering another perspective. I photograph each of my weddings as if I don’t have a second shooter so you will always get the best work from me with or without a second shooter.


A big yes! I know that a lot of people think they just don’t photograph well, and I believe that you just haven’t had the right photographer! A lot of people cringe at the idea of having a photographer posing them in those super awkward feeling positions and I promise you it isn’t like that! Although I can’t PROMISE it won’t be awkward having me follow you around, I CAN guarantee a plethora of bad jokes and even more abundance of laughter. I’ll make sure you’re placed in the perfect light, and I’ll direct you to look the most flattering, which in my opinion comes when you forget about the camera :)


Most of our brides usually book a little over a year in advance, but we’ve booked weddings that are only 2-3 months away as well! We generally book engagement sessions 1-2 months out.


We prefer to shoot 1-2 hours before sunset! The dreamy light that comes at that time of day is priceless!


Great question! I actually have an entire digital Engagement Style Guide Magazine that I send as you prepare for your session. It walks you through ALL of my recommendations for what to wear and what clothing photographs best!

Anything! If you have something special that you’d like included in your session, whether it be something from the proposal or a tradition that has been passed down I’d love to include it! Just make sure to tell me about any special nuances so I know to work them in. It is also important to remember that I am there to photograph the two of you and your LOVE so don’t feel pressured or over-do it with items. Often times, I don’t utilize any props!

I currently offer engagements on location and am happy to recommend specific spots. If there is a certain place that has meaning to you or that you love to visit, I would love to capture your session there! If you don’t have a place in mind we can work together to find the perfect location!

Any time leading up to your wedding! I’ve done engagement sessions anywhere from a year before the wedding up until three days before the wedding!



I like to describe my style as a classic yet contemporary. I generally photograph in romantic, natural light and love stunning backgrounds, like a beautiful view or a historic estate. I take a bit of a lifestyle approach, where I photograph to achieve a certain vision without intruding or interrupting the magic that emerges so effortlessly. On your wedding day you can expect to laugh, joke, nuzzle and just love on each other!


Yes! The joyful kind! My favorite clients are joyful, kind, love the outdoors and love to spend time with their friends and family. I’ve photographed so many different types of weddings from black tie weddings to backyard weddings and I love every single one. My couples don’t have one style and that’ s the way I like it! I’m hired to photograph you and your love story and that is expressed differently with each couple.


I believe that couples should LOVE their photographer’s work and feel like they can trust that photographer with their memories. Giving up control and trusting your photographer allows them the freedom to be creative and not just duplicate past work, which means an even better end result for you! I want to do my best work for you, so sit back and relax and take in the commitment you’re going to make knowing everything will be captured beautifully!

I also believe that you should like your photographer as a person. You are with your photographer more than your future spouse on your wedding day and it is important to make sure you mesh. Although I’d love to photograph every couple that comes along, the truth is that I’m not always the best fit and that’s okay! I want you to feel confident with the people you are surrounding yourself with on your wedding day.


When you choose to work with me you are not only getting a photographer, you get allllllll of my past experience, knowledge and advice if you need it. I’m with you every step of the way and want to make your entire wedding planning experience as smooth and stress free as possible! If you have questions regarding any part of your wedding, photography related or not, I encourage you to reach out to me or your other vendors to seek guidance.

About two months before your wedding I send you a massive questionnaire that covers all of the details that I need to know about your wedding. This ensures that I have everything I need in order to shoot your wedding efficiently and capture everything you’ve dreamt of. It also helps you gather items for your other vendors as well. The questionnaire is due three weeks before your wedding day!

On your wedding day you can count on me to be your biggest cheerleader, your water-fetcher, and your honorary bridesmaid… although I won’t look nearly as done up as your actual bridesmaids! I am there to capture your wedding day as it unfolds, only intruding when an enhancement is needed. I’ll guide your day so we stay on time but ultimately the day is about you and your marriage, not just about getting pretty photos… even though we’ll get those too!

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