We are so passionate about providing a memorable experience alongside of breathtaking images. As we (Brittani + Jamie) have had to turn away hundreds of couples we knew it was time to expand our team. We have such a desire to love and serve not only great couples like yourself, but also talented photographers which resulted in birth of

The Team.


Exactly like Brittani, the Team has a heart to photograph your wedding in a beautiful way, and to provide you with the experience you truly deserve.


Your wedding photos are the one part of your wedding day that should


stand the test of time



joy and excitement





We are excited to continue servicing our current Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey roots, and we are thrilled to expand into surrounding areas! Our team members are located all over from Gettysburg, Lancaster, Philadelphia all the way to southern Virginia. Our team is eager to service new areas in our region and LOVE to travel.

Meet the TEAM



Meet Kailyn! She's been snapping photos since she was 10 years old. Born and raised on the shores of Lake Michigan, Kailyn fell in love with photography, starting with taking shots of shells and sand in her beautiful home state. She's super excited to join this team that serves couples and each other in a Christ-like way. On her days off, Kailyn loves hanging out with family and friends, going on walks, or boating on Lake Michigan. She's also a foodie with a go-to favorite meal of pasta and she loves a good latte to go with it. At weddings, Kailyn loves the personal touches each couple brings to their big day.


Fun fact time: Kailyn's hiked 18 miles in the mountains of Patagonia, was an audience filler for country music awards shows in Nashville, and worked at a Christian record label under Sony Music during her college days.


Meet Britt, a bubbly and energetic photographer who loves to capture unforgettable moments with her camera. Britt has been photographing for almost four years now, and when she's not behind the lens, you can find her cuddling with her three Dalmatians, binge-watching her favorite TV shows, or spending time with her husband. She loves capturing couples' portraits during weddings and receptions, where she can let her creativity soar where her biggest goal is to advocate for her couples and ensure that they get exactly what they want.


Fun fact: Britt has eight years of experience as a group fitness coach.



Robin is so well versed in different cuisines! She loves all Latin food and is up to try something new. On a wedding day her favorite thing is to capture some of the smallest details that ultimately have the most meaning. She loves to make sure that each photo she takes can become an heirloom, your heirloom. Give this girl some great architecture and landscaping and you’ll find you have more photos than you know what to do with.


Rapid fire random facts!

1. She started dating her husband when she was 16

2. She loves to sing, but never in front of people

3. She has yet to fly on a plane



Becca is one of our southern gems! She is so fun to be around and has a love for adventuring in kayaks, as well as relaxing with her family, cooking meals together! She has two girls, who keep her busy and well-loved! She looks forward to the moment guests erupt with applause & whooping as the couple has their first kiss. That just-married excitement is something that can’t be beat.


Rapid fire random facts!

1. She’s obsessed with horses

2. She can name and identify a ton of indoor plants but does not have the same talent with outdoor flowers

3. She loves to camp… but only in her well-controlled camper :P



Emily is a mom to three and loves to explore! From cities to little towns, she loves to discover new places to visit, have a picnic and go dancing! She loves connecting with couples and photographing outdoors in a dreamy field or a woodland wonderland… but really she looks forward to the party most! She loves to capture guests having a blast and busting their moves on the dance floor.


Rapid fire random facts!

1. By the time she was 22 she visited 9 countries

2. She grew up in Chile and speaks fluent Spanish

3. She’s a huge Lord of the Rings nerd!


As we approach EVERYTHING as a TEAM, you get not one, but TWO LEAD photographers!

We have personally trained each of them to have the knowledge and talent to photograph your wedding with the same level of professionalism as Brittani + Jamie.


Our team is dedicated to making your wedding day coverage far more about photography because


it is truly an experience.

Each hand-selected team member has a beautiful heart to serve and create timeless and magical images. We want you to have a great experience and make sure you have the most timeless images to remember the true spirit of your wedding day.


Our team takes the same journalistic approach as Brittani + Jamie. Our goal is for you to always look (and feel!) natural. We photograph in natural light and add additional lighting during your reception so your full gallery reflects our bright style.

The Investment


We aren't biased or anything... but we believe that photography is one of the most important parts of your wedding day. Our team is there to support you on your wedding day especially when that includes a bit of dress-fluffing and grandma-kissing!



documenting your day




With these priorities, we have structured each of the team collections to include the most necessary of items. These necessities include: an engagement session (with BOTH of your wedding photographers), 8 hours of coverage by two lead associate photographers, an online gallery, and a print credit to use towards your wedding album to start your own heirloom collection.




In every team wedding collection, we include a complimentary engagement session with not one but BOTH of your wedding day photographers! The engagement session is one of our favorite parts of the wedding experience because it gives you both a chance to be in front of the camera before you get married. What more could you ask for? You get adorable photos for your walls AND you get to learn how we operate and what to expect on your wedding day, which helps to eliminate stress. Anything that eliminates your stress is perfect in our book!


Having an engagement session is going to make your wedding day experience feel so smooth, seamless and comfortable. There is only a short period of time that you get to be each other's fiancés and that should be celebrated too!




As a team, we believe that photos are meant to be experienced, shared and shown! After your wedding and engagement you'll receive an online gallery where you can download your images, and most importantly order your prints!



One of the best parts of the team experience is the ability to relive your wedding day by flipping through the pages of your wedding album. We offer albums in each of our team collections and you can order prints and canvases through your gallery at any time to get those photos off the screen and onto your walls!

You might be a BEP couple if...

...You love spending time outside.

...You love to laugh together.

... You prefer to live in the moment.

...You know that you can't control everything on your wedding day and are willing to embrace the magic and chaos.

...You are looking forward to your wedding, but even more-so to your marriage.

...You want your photos to be a genuine reflection of who you are and how you feel.

...You are ready to partake in some old traditions as well as create your own.

...You believe in the story of an heirloom.

...You dream of someone capturing the perfect in between moments.

...You prefer PEPSI!! (just kidding, our team is totally split on this preference :P)

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