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Photos are such a huge part of any event and sharing those photos is even more present in today’s society. I am like any other person that scours social media after an event for photos! I want to see EVERY detail immediately, I want to relive the event as soon as possible and I love seeing all of the pictures.

When you’re getting married and experiencing one of the BEST days ever, you aren’t (and shouldn’t be!) that concerned with taking photos yourself (after all, that is why you’ve hired us!). But then the question becomes, how do you file all of the awesome photos into one place in an online world?!

A wedding hashtag!

Now, let me put the disclaimer that when we got married, hashtags weren’t really a thing. I didn’t have a hashtag at my own wedding, but as I see our brides opt in to tell their guests about a hashtag, I love it! Even as the photographer I, myself love combing through your guests photos from your wedding day to see you having fun with so many of your family and friends :) Most couples usually choose a hashtag based on their last names and their wedding date to make it unique to their wedding. By no means is this a post to help piece together a unique hashtag, but more-so to open up to the possibility and benefits of one.

We recently created hashtags for our very own brides and couples for each of you to connect a little with each other! We have hashtags for our #brittelizbrides, and our #brittelizcouples :) When browsing instagram, if you click on a hashtag, it brings you to a page with all of the images that have been tagged with that specific hashtag. In our #brittelizbrides hashtag, it is all about the girls! We usually tag those beautiful details, bridal portraits, and of course your bridesmaids. Under the #brittelizcouples hashtag, you can find some of our favorite images of you and your groom, you both enjoying time with your guests and just having a great time! As a more general category we also have a #brittelizphoto hashtag that encompasses everything from engagements to PARTY shots at your reception. So if we’ve taken the photo, we’d love for you to tag them too!

Having a wedding hashtag not only allows your guests to connect, BUT also allows you to go to one place and to see everything from your wedding day that friends and family have posted! If you have a wedding hashtag, we want to know about it! We want to make sure your closest friends and family are seeing your photos too and we’d love to use your hashtag whenever we post images as well!

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