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The past two weeks we’ve tried to help your wedding day run smoothly with timeline tips and family formals tips, but today’s tip is all about the photos! Its no secret that bridal prep is my favorite part of a wedding day! The excitement and emotions that are just bubbling over is entirely contagious. I love swooning over every little detail including the rings you’ll be wearing for the rest of your lives, the dresses your best friends will be wearing, your beautiful flowers and, of course that one special white dress. :) Which brings me to the tip for this Tuesday Tips blog! Your wedding gown hanger. Didn’t really think about it, huh? :P

Imagine that soon-to-be picture of your stunning wedding dress. Its hanging by the window with gorgeous light streaming in and there it is… on a plastic hanger. Nothing should detract from the beauty of that dress!! It deserves beauty as it awaits to be worn by you. Whether you have it in your budget to buy a hanger with your future name on it (like these from Etsy!), or if you simply just grab a wooden hanger from your coat closet it makes all the difference! By all means, if you don’t plan to have your dress photographed, keep the cheap plastic hanger.

Now for my brides, I bring a wooden gown hanger to every wedding I shoot… just in case. ;) I want that stunning image of your dress in the gorgeous window light and I don’t want anything to detract from it!! If I know your colors beforehand, I can actually bring specific hangers so they match. I not only have light wood hangers, I also have dark wood ones AND grey ones!! If you don’t have it in your budget to get a hanger with your name on it, last year we blogged about a quick and easy way to spice up an ordinary wooden hanger by adding fabric flowers to it! (Read about how here)

Cue the dreamy dress shots… :)


For those of you wondering where you can find wooden hangers, I’ve gotten mine from all over, most recently I found some great ones at Marshalls, but in the past I’ve ordered them from Amazon or Walmart.


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