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For those of you who are like me and work really well with checklists… today’s Tuesday Tips post is for you! I’m discussing some of the must have items for photos the morning of your wedding in a Bridal Details Checklist! Recently I’ve been doing my best to educate my brides prior to their wedding so that not only they can feel more prepared, but additionally so things can run smoothly and less stressful.

There is so much to plan, let alone remember as the excitement builds up for your wedding day! On my wedding day we had to be at the hair salon EARLY and have everything done to get to the venue ASAP to make sure the centerpieces were put together as we had planned (we did a bit of a DIY tablescape). However, with all of the craziness of two locations the morning of the wedding, the one thing that I clung to were my checklists. I had a basket already assembled with the “must-have” items for our photographers in one place and simply handed it to them when they arrived! I want to help my brides have a stress free day!

It is no secret that bridal prep is probably my favorite part of the day and it give me (as well as my second shooter) a chance to warm up. I love capturing the details that comprise one of the most important days of your life and more importantly capturing the excitement!! (Honestly I get nearly as excited and I’m already married!) I’ll arrive about an hour and a half before the bride gets dressed. This gives me about an hour to capture all of the gorgeous details as well as a half hour of the girls interacting and the final bridal hair and makeup. My second shooter doesn’t generally shoot a ton during prep, but it makes all the difference having someone to help me quickly swap lenses, carry details, put rings back in boxes, etc. Sometimes my brides ask if its really necessary for us to photograph bridal prep and my answer is always YES! These moments are so important in telling the visual story of your wedding day!

With that, if we’re going to be photographing details, it might be helpful for you to know what we want to photograph and how you can prepare! By no means is this an all inclusive list, its more guidance on what I’ve found that most brides want photographed :)

The Bridal Details Checklist

The Dress

I recently blogged about the importance of a gown hanger. It really makes a HUGE difference in your photos! The hanger doesn’t need to be fancy with your name on it (although I do love those!), but even just a wooden hanger makes all the difference :)

Bridesmaids dresses

It isn’t often that I can include all of the bridesmaids dresses in prep photos, but I do love it when I can! If they are all the same and they don’t all have wooden hangers then I’ll only use one or two dresses. Often times I’ll use a bridesmaids dress on which to photograph details if there isn’t a place to hang all of them.


All 3 please!! Most of the time the wedding bands are given to the best man in preparation for the ceremony, but I’ll generally include them with other details and then they can go to the appropriate person just after.


This would include everything you’re planning on wearing- earrings, necklace, bracelets, etc. I’ll photograph these items on their own and then I’ll photograph them as you put them on as well after you have the dress on.


I absolutely love getting invitations from my brides in the mail before their day (its just so exciting!) but sometimes there isn’t enough surplus to allow for this and sometimes they get all bent up in the mail. If you do have extra (plus an envelope), definitely bring one to the wedding that hasn’t been folded or bent and I’ll work it into your details :) (BONUS! Save the dates and ceremony programs are welcome too!)


Veil & Hairpieces

Sometimes your veil and hairpiece are needed for your hair stylist to finish your look, but if it is at all possible to have those finishing touches after we photograph these beautiful pieces, that would be great. However if it isn’t possible to wait, definitely do what is necessary for the ease of your wedding day!!



These are some of the best items to photograph! Whether they are flats, heels, sparkly or not, I want them! Even if you only plan to wear that pair of sparkly heels for part of the day, I still want to capture them with your other details!


Whether you have a ring from your grandmother or a broach or pin for your bouquet, make sure those items are with your other gathered details. The story behind these are worth so much and I love hearing about them!


Bouquets & Bouts

One thing that is often missing from bridal prep are the flowers! Sometimes they are delivered directly to the church when you are getting ready elsewhere, other times they are simply delivered too late. Either way, if it is possible, have them delivered early and to where you are getting ready! This is especially necessary if you’re doing a first look or if you’re planning on getting photos with your girls before your ceremony. If we aren’t using them we’ll put them back in water so they stay nice and fresh.


If you’re exchanging gifts or letters we’d love to photograph those too!



Not all brides have a purse, but if you do, we’ll use it!

Gettysburg Wedding - Grotto of the Lourdes - Brittani Elizabeth PhotographyPerfume

I’ve only had a few weddings that had perfume bottles, but they photograph so well! It adds a feminine touch to your images and pairs so well with your other details. Think about including one your details!

And in case you wanted to copy and paste the Bridal Details Checklist, I’ve included it below!

  • The Dress
  • Bridesmaids Dresses
  • Rings
  • Jewelry
  • Invitation
  • Veil & Hairpieces
  • Shoes
  • Keepsakes
  • Bouquets & Bouts
  • Gifts
  • Purse
  • Perfume

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