Refinishing Chairs | Weekend DIY Project

Chairs-0010_WEBIts no secret that I love crafting, however I generally take on small DIY projects. They’re generally easy to tackle in a day or a weekend but its always good to challenge yourself every now and then. So this past weekend we took on our biggest craft yet… DIY refinishing chairs! I have to credit my parents with the find of these wonderful chairs. They go to a ton of estate sales in the DC area just to see what’s out there and explore a bit. So I asked them to keep an eye out for some new chairs for me to use at some upcoming bridal shows. My requirements were nothing short of complicated, so I never expected they would actually find chairs to fit my needs!

I have a two door Chevy Cobalt… let’s talk about SMALL! How on earth was I going to be able to fit the type of bridal show setup that I wanted in my little car?! I really wanted chairs, not so much to sit in, but to help create a relaxed vibe to my setup, almost as if we were at home. Well fitting any type of homey, comfy chair in my little car was entirely out of the question. When my parents called and said they were at an estate sale with FOLDING chairs that didn’t look anything like folding chairs I was not just a little hesitant… more like A LOT!

After my mom already decided to get them, she sent me pictures… which honestly didn’t make me feel any better. As-is they were fine to have around for big family events for extra seating, but not to show off at a professional event! I was so nervous because I knew I wanted to refinish them, but its something I have NO experience in. All in all with the help of my trusty husband, ;) we found the perfect fabric and paint color and went to town!

You can see our full Bridal Show Setup that we used at The Lodges at Gettysburg Date Night in Gettysburg and the  Best Wedding Showcase Bridal Show in York!



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