Jordan & Mary Kate | Winter Gettysburg Engagement

Jordan and Mary Kate’s Winter Gettysburg Engagement at the Battlefield Bed and Breakfast this weekend was so fun! Jordan and Mary Kate have been long distance for a few months so when I found out Mary Kate would be in Gettysburg for their food tasting I jumped on the opportunity to hang out with the two of them (even though it is totally still winter!). We met early in the morning at the Battlefield Bed and Breakfast for their winter Gettysburg engagement and were promptly greeted by a mini herd of animals (mostly cats!). As we were chatting by a fence two of the horses came over to say hello to and even posed for some pictures! It was so fun to hang out with these two and it definitely started my day off on a bright note :) And a little more about Jordan and Mary Kate’s relationship…

How they met

Jordan and Mary Kate both attended Penn State’s film program and met in class! Mary Kate really made an impression on Jordan, but they didn’t really get to meet until they attended the same party. When Jordan tried to leave, he found his car had been towed, but ALAS it ended on a high note because Mary Kate gave him her number :)

The proposal

Mary Kate has a huge love for The Office so Jordan worked in a tribute to The Office in his proposal. He got the same green tea pot that was used on the show and filled it with references and things from their dates and fun moments together. Jordan also made a flash drive and filmed himself going to each of the places that had significance in their relationship and at the end of the video, he pulled out a ring and asked her to marry him!!



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