The Dumas | Mount Gretna Wedding

Oh friends… This wedding in Mount Gretna, was one that just hit home. The intimacy of Angela and Josh’s wedding was a welcome change from our other weddings this year! During dinner we sat outside on the steps soaking in mother nature and ate some of the most delicious BBQ and mac and cheese! I even said to Benjamin, that it felt like we were just hanging out with our family on a beautiful (albeit hot!) summer evening. :)

how they met & the proposal

Angela and Josh met at a mutual friend’s surprise birthday party (who is the same friend who officiated their wedding!). From the first handshake of their introduction Angela knew something great was about to happen. After Angela and Josh had been dating a while, Josh made her a promise. He promised to propose to her before her 30th birthday. Well the day before her 30th birthday, he remembered this promise and planned a spa day for her and when he picked her up, he suggested a stroll through Hershey Gardens. He reminded her of the promise he made years before and in that moment, Angela knew what he would ask… :)

Their Mount Gretna Wedding

Let me start off by saying although this wedding day was BEAUTIFUL… it was HOT! Looking at the forecast the week before was so daunting, but even though it was hot, I wouldn’t have changed anything about this wedding day. The love that Angela & Josh share is one that is a little quiet, and a little innocent, but so beautiful. They embraced the heat for what it was and were such good sports!! They trusted each and every one of my ideas and I am so thankful for clients like them!! I often think of our clients as friends, and these two were no different! From their adorable centerpieces to Josh’s band actually being the entertainment, every part was just so personal!


Venue | Mount Gretna Inn

Catering | Blazing Swine Barbeque

Flowers | Floral Designs of Mount Joy

Reception Music | Josh Squared

Bridal Gown | David’s Bridal, White by Vera Wang

Bridal Veil | The Bridal Emporium

Men’s Attire | Menguin

Hair & Makeup | Steele Hair Salon

Nails | The Spa At The Hotel Hershey

Cake & Dessert | Lancaster Cupcake

Rings | Koser Jewelers

Rentals | Eagle Event Rentals

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