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Today I’m sharing some ideas for your engagement locations! There are so many types of locations you can choose for your engagement session, so I thought I’d cover a few different types that you might not normally consider. A lot of my brides look to me for suggestions for their engagement location so my first question is always, what’s the feel you’re going for? Each of these types of engagement locations offer a very different overall look and feel. I always like when couples choose an engagement location that has meaning to them or one that aligns with the overall style of their wedding!


One of my absolute favorites types of location for an engagement sessions, are estates! Estates are so absolutely versatile. Not only do they generally have stunning structures, but generally speaking they also have gorgeous paths, manicured lawns and beautiful gardens. They usually yield very versatile locations while maintaining a cohesive look to the overall engagement session :) Definitely a type of location worth considering!! We’ve shot at a few beautiful estate-like locations including Historic Shady Lane, Linwood Estate and Moonstone Manor (and I can’t wait for more!!).


Instead of finding the perfect one spot, have you thought about just taking a walk with your love?

PARKS, Arboretums & PATHS

I have a great love for the outdoors and so do many of my couples! Often times we’ll find a local park and spend our time together soaking in the outdoors. Parks are a great engagement session location. Often times there are plenty of trees, spots to sit and even the occasional stream! Not to mention if you happen upon a bridge. :)  Parks, arboretums and conservatories are some of the best and easiest locations to find for a nature-loving couple!


Sometimes there are just some beautiful walls to be found!! One of our recents session locations in Philadelphia got too crowded, so instead we took our time and found some stunning walls and even a little coffee shop!


Sometimes all you need is a cup of coffee, a gorgeous ring and someone to share a cup with :) If you love coffee, why not incorporate something you love with someone you love into your engagement location! During Ally & Derek’s engagement we stopped by a coffee shop and relaxed for a few minutes to enjoy a cup!


For those of you that love wine… why not have a romantic picnic at a vineyard? Vineyards are one of my favorite places for an engagement session because not only do you have an element of sophistication with the beautiful rows of vines, but often times they also have corks for ring shots, or barns that are beautiful as backdrops! We’ve stopped by some great places for engagements like Ash Mill Farm, Sterlingbrook Farm, Beech Springs Farm, Hauser Estate Winery, & Linganore Winecellars.


In our recent move to Philadelphia, our eyes have been opened by the beauty of gardens!! There are quite a few places around Philadelphia and in Central PA that have gardens, and the most well-known of those locations would definitely be Longwood Gardens and Hershey Gardens. I had the pleasure of shooting at both of these recently in the fall and was overwhelmed by the beauty!!

Some other great types of engagement locations might be revisiting your college campus, stopping by your local carnival or fair, or it could be as simple as embracing the season and snuggling in the snow!

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