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Happy Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by for our latest Tuesday Tips blog : ) Today we’re chatting about 3 things your photographer does on your wedding day! Now I will say, these are three things that I do, and it may not be universal, but I like to think they are! Obviously I take pictures, I mean that is kind of why I’m there. SO needless to say I don’t need to include that in the list :P But here are three things that you might not think we take care of on your wedding day :)

Rearranging Furniture

I like to think I specialize in rearranging furniture, but that does NOT mean I’m an interior designer. :P Often times we arrive on your wedding day to a bridal suite with beautiful light, but there is furniture crowding the perfect spots! In order to ensure you get beautiful photos where your mom and bridesmaids can actually help you get in your dress… we rearrange a little :) I will say we always do our best to move all of the furniture back to the way we found it! However, being able to move it so that there is more space to stand ensures that you get the best and most beautiful wedding preparation photos!

Pin Boutonnieres

We’ve been known to help the guys out while they get ready when it comes to flowers. While most gentleman can figure out how to tie a tie or bow tie, the one thing that hangs them up is always the boutonniere! I remember the wedding I realized that knowing how to pin a boutonniere was a MUST and I went home and googled the crap out of pinning methods :P I watched a few videos and am proud to report I feel like a boutonniere pinning expert!

Sprucing Up the Bride

We love making sure our brides are looking top notch! Honestly its not that hard since you have your hair and makeup all done and that special white dress on, there’s not much we have to do! I’ve been known to re-pin some hair during the reception and bustle some gowns before your first dance! We’ve also helped sew up some bridesmaids gowns and sew a broken bustle back into wedding gowns after TONS of dancing!

We’re not only there to capture your wedding day, but to lend a helping hand when needed, and make sure your wedding day is truly the perfect event :) I can’t wait to celebrate with each and every one of our brides!


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