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We’ve got some exciting things in the works and I’m thrilled to introduce Amanda of An Intentional Event. I met Amanda last year and we’ve met up, talked lots about business things and we finally had the chance to work together last week! One of the coolest things that Amanda does is styling events. She brings the most beautiful visions to life and makes
sure that the wedding theme carries through the entire day seamlessly. Amanda is sharing 7 Tips for Designing a Wedding Style!

Amanda is the owner of An Intentional Event. She works with her brides to create a beautifully curated event that tells the story of your romance and celebrates the heart behind the party.

Here are her top 7 tips for designing your wedding style!



Select colors that aren’t trendy. For weddings sticking with tones that are indicative of the season of your wedding or classic combos. These will stand the test of time much better than whatever is hot in this moment You don’t want to look back on your photos a year later and wonder what on earth you were thinking when you choose hot pink and teal for the big day. Personally I love to work in a monochromatic palette, Its an easy way to insure that elements coordinate when you only need to make sure things work in relation to one focal color.


I love to create wedding lookbooks for my clients. I think that combining your wedding image research into one document helps create a roadmap for a plan forward. This can be a one page reference with your color scheme and a few Pinterest pins or it can be a full out 15 page document that covers all elements from invitations to wedding favors. Having a visual like this to reference when working with your decor vendors is so helpful to insure that others understand your wedding vision and how each element works together.


Plan early to include details in your wedding day style that illustrate who you are as a couple. This might mean that you carry your grandmas hankie down the aisle and he is going to wear his uncle’s tie. Plan those elements into the day early, oh and make sure to let your photographer and planner know the back story on each item and they can set up some lovely styled detail shots that hi-light each special piece.

Create levels

Don’t think about things just at table top height consider three points of focus; eye level, above eye level and below eye level. This should apply at all of your vignettes or focal area so the ceremony set up, tablescape, escort area etc.. Thinking about all components for your wedding space helps create something new to delight your guests.


Use the design elements of line to help your guests’ eye move through the space. Create focal or static points where you want them to rest or linger. A good example would be to chose ribbon streamers cascading from your bouquet to add texture and movement or deciding to hang your escort cards from a floral display rather than having static cards lined up on a table top. Signs and arches help create focal points where the eye natural rests.Odd numbers

Always design in groups of odd numbers, three or five candle sticks on the table are more interesting visually than 2 or 4. Having the odd number of items arranged at different height levels also helps create movement 😄

Don’t over do it

Half of good design is knowing when to edit or scale back. Spaces can look messy quickly with too many colors and textures if each item hasn’t been carefully selected or curated. Don’t say yes to every fun idea you see on Pinterest, choose only those elements that help tell your story or enhance your guests’ experience.


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